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Gain exposure and sell content to the world's largest creative community. Right inside their favorite apps.

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Add your images, videos, vectors or illustrations to Adobe Stock directly from Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Bridge CC and through the web. Plus our intelligent auto tagging saves hours of adding keywords.

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Receive best-in-class royalties for your creative contributions. A dashboard lets you track sales in real time.

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Submitting images, vectors, illustrations or videos is easy. Our auto-keywording feature gives you a list of top keywords, making it faster for you to submit content and sell your work.


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What are the requirements to become a contributor?

Becoming an Adobe Stock contributor is simple. If you have great photos, videos or vector content and you own all the rights, you can become an Adobe Stock contributor. You must also be at least 18 years of age and the sole owner of every file you upload for sale. If your content contains recognizable persons or private property, you also need to attach a signed release.

What kind of content can I sell on Adobe Stock?

You can sell photographs, videos, vectors, and illustrations on Adobe Stock. Our customers are looking for high-quality content in all subject areas, including images with models, culture diversity, technology, fashion, food, portraiture, lifestyle, architecture, beauty, business, and more.

How do I get paid for the sold content?

Every time someone purchases your content, you get a 33% commission for photos and vector art and a 35% commission for videos based on the price of the image. You can request a payout via Paypal or Skrill when you have reached at least $25 in royalties.